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GLORIOUS FOOD a new program on KPTZ

Mara Lathrop hosts a half hour exploration of food in our culture, and our region.....featuring interviews, and personal essays, and a recipe or two.   Produced by Mara Lathrop and CJ Lazenby. 

A program you've been asking for since we started. 


Dining on Air

Dining On Air is a fun and easy way to reach out to your friends and introduce them to the station.  Sign up to be a Dinner Host on March 27th.  Invite your friends over for dinner, plan a fun menu, and listen to DJ Barney Burke play some eclectic dining tunes. He’ll also mention what dishes hosts are serving and take song requests. At the end of dinner, ask your friends to become members.  It’s easy and fun! KPTZ will give all dinner hosts a bountiful Gift Basket of goodies and provide your friends with KPTZ mugs. to sign up.

.MOLLIE O'BRIEN & RICH MOORE in the studio this Wednesday

Wed 2/25 -  11am -- Special visit from great friends of KPTZ, and Port Townsend.....MOLLIE O'BRIEN & RICH MOORE

They'll visit with Tim Quackenbush, in preparation for their Key City Cabaret performance Wed night at 7:30pm. Then they're headed to Wintergrass this weekend, in Bellevue. 
They've been involved in a lot of new music..... always a delight to host them. KPTZ 91.9fm stream:


This Week on Under the Rainbow

This week, UNDER THE RAINBOW, Marcia Perlstein talks with Mary Yu, WA Supreme Court Justice and her partner Aline Flower, Counsel for Gates Foundation. Mary Yu is the first openly Gay Supreme Court Justice, and the first Asian and Latino on the court. Airdates: Tues 12:35pm, Wed 5:35pm, next Monday 2/16 - 5 pm. and on our podcast page.


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