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Programming Values

  • Local, Independent, Community
  • Inclusive, Tolerant and Diverse
  • Quality, Integrity and Relevancy
  • Creativity, Passion, Variety and Originality
  • Educational and Entertaining

Getting Involved

We would like to hear from potential programmers. We need many volunteers to run KPTZ from on-air DJs and music hosts, to interviewers and reporters, to producers, writers, audio engineers, to artists, politicos and philosophers, all sharing their passions and ideas for community radio.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these programming related capacities please send us an email with your name, address, phone numbers, any radio experience (where and when) and put, "Programming Volunteer," in the subject line. Then tell us how you want to get involved.

Additionally, if you want to submit a show proposal consider the following types of programming. Submit your contact information, your show's description, and a demo, if possible, based on our submission guidelines.

News, Documentary, Literary

Want the sound of life in the Port Townsend area on KPTZ? What issues facing the region would you cover? What notable and ordinary citizens would you profile? How would you document the cultural, business, and social environment? Would you promote, present and publicize worthwhile events and activities? Explain what experience or interest you have in gathering news, reporting, documentary, or literature and drama for radio.


What music do you want to play, why should we listen to you presenting it? Do people want to hear it? Can you make them appreciate it through your enthusiasm and knowledge? Will you do interviews with artists when they are available? We're interested in your presentation, the flow of your music choices, your introductions and transitions, your personality and enthusiasm. You need not include entire music cuts for your demo, but you are welcome to if you wish.

Interviews and Talk

Want to interview interesting people in the studio, on location, or on the phone? What topics would you like to explore? Who would you interview? How long can you carry on an interesting conversation for the radio? Submit a demo that highlights your interviewing skills, your radio personality and interesting guests.

Commentary and Short-form Programming

Do you have an idea for a regular short radio segment on a particular subject? Birdnote, StarDate or Writers' Almanac on public radio are good examples. Could you do a weekly or daily short piece on some relevant subject or theme? We have already had ideas submitted for: local film criticism, wildlife, speech, word origins and usage, singing and environmental concerns. The range of possibilities for personal essay and commentary is endless, and exciting.